A brandy over 50 years old… rested and sublime enjoyment.

Our Platinum brandy is the culmination of more than half a century of ageing in sherry barrels from holandas and spirits of extraordinary quality that were the result of Palomino grape distillation many years ago. This quality is reflected in the vinosity and cleanliness of its intense bouquet, while it also shows the influence of the wines previously aged in the barrels that now conserve this brandy, American oak that stored Pedro Ximénez-style wine of unparalleled quality.

While enjoying this exceptional brandy, you will find toasted notes of nuts, aromatic herbs and spices, cinnamon, liquorice and tobacco. The strength of its flavour is well-known, starting out semisweet, dry and bitter at the same time. Its extraordinary length in mouth is unimaginable. This is a brandy for restful enjoyment, but combines perfectly with dark chocolate, cocoa beans and medium to strong Havana cigars.

In an attempt to obtain a container worthy of the quality of this brandy, a bottle was designed following original models from the Real Fábrica de Cristal de La Granja, an institution that preserves the most traditional glass-making methods and is recognised worldwide for its cultural and artistic value, as well as for having been a supplier to the Spanish Royal Household since the eighteenth century. The development of the bottle we use and its production are exclusive to our winery, being blown and hand-carved in accordance with La Granja production standards. Each piece is unique, with sales limited to 500 bottles per year, labelled and numbered by hand.