A very special and exclusive sweet wine made from a selection of grapes of the same name, properly dehydrated in the sun and turned into wine using artisan methods. Aged under the traditional system of soleras and criaderas over many years in American oak, it is a creamy, velvety wine with a balance of non-cloying sweetness and refreshing acidity.

Pedro Ximénez is obtained from the grape variety of the same name, left in the sun to dry. A very sweet must is obtained during the winemaking, the fermentation of which is paralysed by fortification, and the result is a wine which, after prolonged ageing by the soleras system, has a very dark ebony colour with dense iodine tones, dried grape bouquets and toasted tones with caramel and honey. In the mouth, it is creamy, velvety, flavoursome, with great persistence and a balanced sweetness. A traditional wine with a limited production.


Average age: 22 years

Volatile acidity: 0,92 gr/l

Total acidity: 4,57 gr/l

Alcohol content: 15,5%

Grape variety: Pedro Ximénez 100%