This wine, whose long ageing, initially as fino under a film of yeast and subsequently without it, is an exponent of elegance, complexity and centuries-old tradition. For this lord of wines, the exquisite selection of musts and their settlement in solerajes with multiple American oak criaderas that allow them to be bottled in limited series is essential.

This amontillado is a benchmark for good winemaking practice. Made from a single variety Palomino grape, it uses an ageing process in American oak barrels, soaked in wine by the soleras system, firstly as fino under flor a veil of yeast and then, and for a longer time, without it. Due to the large number of scales, this step results in a subtle evolution of its organoleptic properties.

Amber in colour with iodised tones, it has an elegant, complex and highly evolved nose, notes of hazelnut and a very powerful, dry and lasting persistence. Its forty-plus years of ageing and limited production guarantee an exclusive quality.


Average age: 34 years

Volatile acidity: 1,01 gr/l

Total acidity: 7,39 gr/l

Alcohol content: 19,5%

Grape variety: Fino Palomino 100%