The ideal wine for the uninitiated.

This wine, carefully created by our winemaker, breaks moulds as the blend of our youngest Pedro Ximénez -with its fresh raisin notes- and our much older dry Oloroso results in a highly original and authentic combination.

The complexity of flavours of this wine is surprising and the texture is, at the very least, seductive. At the same time, it’s a very pleasant wine to drink and a perfect companion for many dishes, ranging from the most obvious desserts to more daring combinations. It is the perfect sweet wine for people who only drink wines that aren’t sweet. This unusual wine was the first wine in its class to have twenty-five years of ageing, endorsed by its VOS rating. Tradición Cream: unique quality, limited production.


Average age: 25 years

Volatile acidity: 1,20 gr/l

Total acidity: 6,30 gr/l

Alcohol content: 18,5%

Grape variety: Fino Palomino 70% – Pedro Ximénez 30%